Karlowice Valley is a special place of rest for everyone who is looking for peace, quiet, and relaxation. In this beautiful, picturesque area, you can experience unforgettable and enjoyable moments. Every family that is tired of the fast pace of everyday life will have a chance to renew their strength from time spent in this idyllic setting.

Agroturystka Dolnośląskie

Our holiday camp, located near the beautiful Izerskie Mountains, offers a lot of attractions. There are a variety of things to do and places to visit for those who want activity, yet this is also a serene place for those who prefer to unwind from the stress of urban living.

Agroturystyka nad Jeziorem

Those of you who love fishing will find a treat, as well. Very close to the Karlowice Valley is a lake richly stocked with fish. You can return from your holiday not only relaxed but also with a considerable trophy. Some fish are 2,5 meters long!

Agroturystyka Mini ZOO

Furthermore, there is a lot to offer for the youngest visitors. We have a mini zoo where the children can safely watch and spend time with our animals. For example, we have very gentle hucul ponies.

Agroturystyka Dolnośląskie

We invite you to visit Karlowice Valley and check out our offer. We promise a very warm, welcoming, home-like atmosphere. We guarantee that the time spent here will be to your satisfaction.

Please join us!